Curriculum Vitae


Sarah Elliott




2019 - 2021   MFA Painting, Boston University, Boston, MA


1990 - 1994   B.A. with Honors, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

                        Concentration in Arts Management, Studio Art and Art History


1992 - 1993   Lorenzo de’ Medici Fine Arts Program, Florence, Italy

                        Studio art, art history and Italian language

Residencies / Professional Development / Scholarships

2021               Full Tilt Print Studio Residency, Boston, MA

2021               Drawing Blast, Intensive online drawing course with Rose Shakinovsky and                                Claire Gavronsky

2020               3R's- Reuse, Reinterpret, Reedit, Mixed media online course with

                        Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky

2020               Techniques in Pochoir and Gouache, online course, Anderson Ranch   

                        Scholarship with Elizabeth Ferrill

2020               Boston University Women's Council Scholarship

2012 - 2019   Painting School of Montmiral workshops with Francis Pratt,                                                          Castelnau de Montmiral, France.

2018               Draw International Residency, Caylus, France. 

2017               Figure Drawing workshop with Francis Pratt. 5 days, Norfolk, England. 

2010               School of Visual Arts Studio residency, New York, NY.

2004               Art workshop with Venda master wood carvers, led by Rose                                                          Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky, Johannesburg and Limpopo,                                                    South Africa.

2002 - 2007   Painting School of Montmiral with Francis Pratt, Castelnau de                                                        Montmiral, France.

1998               Art workshop with Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky, Cape                                                  Town, South Africa.

1993, 94, 97   Art workshops/residencies with Rose Shakinovsky and Claire                                                        Gavronsky, Montagnana, Italy.


2021              Group exhibition, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Characters, All, NY, NY

2021              Group exhibition, Piano Craft Gallery, IYKYK - Are you Ready for the Future?,                                 Boston, MA

2021              Group exhibition, Stone Gallery, MFA Painting Thesis Show, Boston, MA  

2021              Two person exhibition, Commonwealth Gallery, New Growth, Boston                                             University, Boston, MA

2020              Group exhibition, Sloane House online art exhibition, Boston University, Boston,                           MA

2020              Group exhibition, Commonwealth Gallery, 2nd year MFA Painting and Sculpture                         exhibition, Boston University, Boston, MA

2016 - 2019  Group exhibitions, Larroque Arts Festival, Larroque, France.

2017              Group exhibition, Atelier Aumelie, Lamothe Cumont, France.

2016              Group exhibition, Paysages, Espace 2 Jol, Castelnau de Montmiral, France.

2014              Solo exhibition, A la recherché des nuances, Espace 2 Jol, Castelnau de                                       Montmiral, France.

2008              Solo exhibition, La facade de la boulangerie, Restaurant du Verdier,                                               Le Verdier, France.     

2007              Two person exhibition, Peintures et Dessins, Saveurs Bio, Toulouse, France.

2007              Three person exhibition, Domain Baron Thomieres, Castelnau de Levi,                                           France.

2001              Group exhibition, EmergeNcY, Crane Street Studio, New York, NY, USA.

1994              Two person exhibition, Florence, Italy.

1994              Two person exhibition, Segues, University of Massachusetts Library,                                             Amherst, MA, USA.


2021               Drawing Instructor - Online

                        Boston University, Boston, MA

2019 - 2021   Teaching Assistant, Boston University, Boston, MA

                         * Fall 2019 and 2020: 'Making, Doing, Knowing', hybrid

                         * Spring 2020: Introduction to Painting, hybrid

                         * Spring 2021: Introduction to Drawing, hybrid

2012 - 2018   Teaching Associate, Painting School of Montmiral, Castelnau de Montmiral,                                  France 


2015               Concordia International School Hanoi, Hanoi, Vietnam

                        Visiting artist,  March 30 - April 3


2008 - 2011  Concordia International School Shanghai, Shanghai, China

                       Elementary art teacher


1999 - 2003  Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong, China

                       Upper Primary art teacher


1998 - 1999  Lorenzo de’ Medici Fine Arts Program, Florence, Italy

                       Assistant teacher of painting, drawing and ceramics with Rose                                                     Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky


1995 - 1997  Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong, China

                       Lower Primary art teacher


1994 - 1995 Hong Kong International School, Hong Kong, China

                       Primary assistant art teacher


Other work


2006/7, 2012, Paola Dindo and Associates, Hong Kong, China

2015-18          Art restoration and specialized interior painting