These paintings link to the project called ‘Watercolor abstracts'. They are based on seemingly random images or colors and shapes that come into my head. I work with the subtleties that emerge as I gradate the colors. What is difficult to reveal in photographs is that what might seem to be a collection of flat color regions are indeed gradated using many layers of paint that slowly reveal varying dynamics in illusory space.


The three homage paintings at the end start differently. Although I copied the shapes and basic colors from original sources as closely as possible, I changed their scale and experimented with the subtle gradation of colors both within and between each shape. My aim was that no region of color in any part of the paintings was the same as the color of any other region. Homage to Michael Kidner is based on a detail of a painting made by the highly innovative English artist who I was fortunate to visit on several occasions. Homage to Ellsworth Kelly is a reprise of his painting Red, Yellow, Blue. The Homage to the unknown artist shows a detail of a sofa pattern that is a part of my daily life.

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